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Minneapolis, MN, USA

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The new you starts now. 

Tips, tricks, and tools to reclaiming your life.

Hi, I'm Alex.

After 6 years of partnering with people attempting to create extra space for health in their lives, than stressing over the feeling of guilt when they fell short – it clicked. 

There had to be a way to improve my health that didn't feel like a chore or just another to-do on the long list of adult responsibilities we carry with us. 

I created Eat Like A Boss not only to share what I've learned about experiencing personal successes in health AND life through integrative nutrition and as a professional health coach, but to work alongside passionate people who want to spark sustainable changes to optimize their impact in this life.



I'm ready to meet you where you're at. 




We all must start at the beginning. I want to hear your story, get to know you and your definition "healthy". You are ready to discover what's possible. 

You've done some of this work before. You have big ideas and are ready to put them into action.

Let's go!

You have a solid routine that works for you, but you are ready to take things to the next level. You're looking to  optimize your efficiency and  results.

Boss Bowl

with just 6 elements... mastering the bowl makes you the boss every day of the week.

Let's make your plan.

Taking control starts today.