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Minneapolis, MN, USA

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Focus on What Feeds You

3-Month Personalized Coaching Collaboration

Two 50-minute private coaching sessions per month, for 3 months, in person or by phone.

$585 or $214/month
I'll help you...
    • Commit to your excellence; consume the nutrients needed to thrive • Own your actions & deconstruct your cravings • Prioritize your values on and off your plate • Stop wasting time on what doesn't work for you • Successfully integrate wellness into your lifestyle
You'll achieve...
    • Ability to listen to your intuition & your body's needs - then take action. • Confidence in your ability to keep your body balanced. • A deeper understanding of what wellbeing & balance is for you. • A lifestyle that enhances your ability to influence your community
Collabs include...
    • Unlimited email support from me in between sessions. • Your balance, not burnout bible - build a reference for what works for you • Real, simple, yet deeply nourishing recipes • Books, exercises, handouts, and articles supporting your journey to balance