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Your New Favorite Meal Planning App

April 9, 2017

If you are like me, you may never quite know what you want to eat until you see it. I'm so very exited to pass along an app that quickly changed the way I meal plan. YUMMLY! This is not a sponsored post, I just love the app that much. 


There is truly is an app for everything and Yummly has the recipe search system down to a science. Yummly is available on your desktop, IOS and android systems, but best of all, it's free! Looks like this... 



Top 5 Reasons Why I Recommend Yummly:



Photo-Oriented Platform


Yummly gives you an enhanced search experience and more insight into your dinner. Be real, we all want to drool over food-porn.


Flexible Dietary Preferences


Yummly has an easy-to-use dietary preferences filter. Observing meatless Monday? Throw on your vegetarian filter and BAM! Yummly will show you only the vegetarian recipes. Curious to what your diet would be like if you cut out gluten/soy/wheat? Play around with the settings and explore your endless options.



"Disliked" Ingredients Filter


Are you planning meals for a picky eater? No problem. Simply add ingredients you'd prefer to avoid. Yummly will scan through the ingredients lists and show you options without that ingredient. Word of caution: depending on the prevalence of the ingredient, this may significantly decrease your search results (think onions). Many recipes allow you to substitute or omit your disliked ingredient.



Built-In Shopping List


Meal planning means making a shopping list. Yummly makes it easy! Click the "+ shopping list" button to add all the ingredients to your list. OR simply choose the ingredients you need individually. Boom. List done.



Opportunity to Connect


Finding and connecting with other inspiring recipe bloggers couldn't be easier. This is my favorite part!  If you like a recipe, check out other recipes from the same source by simply clicking on the author's name beneath the recipe's name - you'll reach their Yummly feed. Visit their websites to check out what they have available and subscribe for their updates. Most sources will have Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest boards if you prefer to follow them outside of your congested inbox.  




Expore and share a new recipe or recipe source you have found using Yummly in the comment section!



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