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Who's Andra?

What's with the name?

"She eats what she needs and what she enjoys. She eats what is necessary with purpose and with a thoughtfulness for the future. "

When I named this blog I knew that this would be a question I would get quite frequently, "If your name is Alex, who is Andra?". Allow me to bring you along on a journey...

We all have that part of ourselves that is always right. Our gut instinct, that feeling. Initial impression, the part of us that is looking out for #1. It's the voice that says " I told you so" when that guy/girl really was actually no good for you, no matter how you rationalized continuing to see them.


Trouble is, we don't always tune into that gut feeling and we get ourselves into trouble. We ignore it because of inconvenience, social pressure, straight up idealism or laziness. If you're like me, you kick yourself and say " that's the last time I ignore ________!" Whatever you call that voice.

My name is Alexandra, but most people call me Alex. I didn't have many nicknames growing up - for better or for worse nothing rhymes with Alex. However the people that shaped how I currently live my life and make purposeful choices gave me the name Andra. (L'Andra if the situation required a bit more sass)



Andra is always a part of me (alexAndra). Andra is the part of me who knows best, regardless of situation. Andra is the voice that tells me to suck it up and do what is truly good for me. ( like launch this blog ) Thus, the namesake of my blog. 


We all have an Andra within us telling us what we need to do AND what we need to eat... we should all eat what Andra Eats. She eats what she needs and what she enjoys. She eats what is necessary with purpose and with a thoughtfulness for the future.

We all have what we need to be the healthiest and happiest versions or ourselves for a lifetime, it's a matter of tuning in. What voices are you listening to?





The voices that surround us (like mine) can be helpful but ultimately will NOT know what is best for YOU. Only you can know, but I can help you tap in and explore!

That's where I can help! It's my desire to help you access that inner instinct and empower you to listen and most importantly, eat!



With a bit of practice we can all ditch the diets, indulge daily and pass on a sustainable and beautiful lifestyle to our loved ones. We are all worth it.

Eat fearlessly, eat well, and eat together. Eat what your Andra Eats.

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