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Fall Cravings: What to Expect

September 7, 2017






As the temperature shifts and the leaves begin to turn, our bodies begin to crave different foods- begging us shake things up a bit. 


It has been cool for no more than a week and I can already tell you I am craving my squash and my sweet potatoes. o0o0o0o0o0 baby! Soups of all colors, creeds, creaminess, and spice are welcome!




Craving different foods as the seasons change is normal and healthy! Cravings are your body's way of speaking with you. So no feelings of guilt or shame should be associated with a craving. That’s not helpful. Using tools to deconstruct your craving, get to the root, and give you body what it needs- now that’s helpful!


Remember - your body never makes a mistake. It knows exactly what it needs, we simply need to listen to it.


Cravings mean we are missing something in our diet. Either food of the mouth or food of the soul. In my practice, I call food of the mouth secondary food and the food out the soul primary food. Why? Because food of the soul is alway more impactful on the body than the food of the mouth. 


You can expect to feel changes in the foods you crave this time of year. Cravings are most commonly due to one or more of the following…


  1. Primary Food Imbalance. From running around soaking up the last of the summer sun, the latest big project deadline, or back-to-school routine shifts - these all can cause our lives to become imbalanced. Dissatisfaction in a career or your relationships can manifest in our cravings. ( What are Primary Foods?)

  2. Water. Most of the time when we have any craving, we are simply thirsty! Especially when excess sweating is no longer a reminder to replenish. 

  3. Too much of one thing. The world is full of balance. Light-Dark, Wet-Dry, Sweet-Savory, Roasted-Raw. Your craving could indicate your diet isn’t diverse enough, or simply ready for a change. Switching up your meal plans can put cravings at ease. Shopping at a local market can help keep you eating in season and (bonus!) support local farmers.

  4. Inner child. Fall holds associations for everyone. Some of those associations are the family trip to the apple orchard, or hot apple crisp fresh from the oven. Are you one that can't wait for the holiday season? Maybe you are already craving turkey!? Identifying what and why you may be craving a certain food and finding a healthy way to integrate those things into your life. Craving apple crisp? You may find a dish of warm applesauce with cinnamon to hit the spot. 

  5. Seasonal. Winter is Coming. (shameless GoT plug) Our bodies just know. You could be experiencing craving for heavy foods, meats, or starches. These foods take more energy to break down and therefore produce more heat - which your body thinks is a big fat WIN. Try roasting your vegetables if you are craving excessively heavy foods much of the time. Dressing warmer can help too. 

  6. Lack of nutrients. With wacky back-to-school schedules or deadline pressures, your sack lunches could be leaving you lacking. Inadequate mineral levels can lead to salt cravings and overall nutrient deficiency can leave you with little energy and a HUGE craving for energy sources such as caffeine or … ahem… Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 

  7. Hormonal. Stress. Enough said. 

  8. De-evolution. Is your beach-bod amazing right now!?? Maybe this summer was THE BEST and you do not want it to end. Sometimes when our lives are going a bit too well, we can self-sabotage. Going into an “all or nothing” mindset. The experience of letting go can be euphoric and go too far, causing many people to binge. 

Do cravings have you feeling powerless and keeping your from the success you are striving for? Personalized wellness coaching could be a great fit for you. 


What cravings are you experiencing? Where are they stemming from? Share your thoughts with me and I would love to chat or explore your topic in an upcoming blog post! I’m on Facebook or shoot me an email Alex@AndraEats.com


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