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Being Grateful Makes You Healthier

November 23, 2017


Have you been looking for a simple way to feel healthier lately? 


Science backs up the claim that your MIND can change how you physically feel. 


Through what is known as the mind-body connection, altering your mindset can impact your health. In a good way! That means that this thanksgiving, as we embody gratitude, we are actually practicing healthy living. Although, we may not want to eat as though its thanksgiving every day 😂- I don’t think all the gratitude in the world could battle the indulgence and win that one!


So how does it work?


Physically, much of the effects come from lowering stress. Heard of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system? The less the fight/flight system is activated and the more time we stay in the rest/digest mode the more our body is able to care for itself. When your body and mind is at rest, feeling abundant, and grateful—you can heal. 


Let this Thanksgiving be the catalyst for a new, bold, and grateful lifestyle!


Three simple ways to practice gratitude today:

  1. Be quiet, take a deep rejuvenating breath and thank your body for all it has allowed you to do today. Everything.

  2. Consider who makes you feel joyful. Joy is an incredible gift- let that person know! Maybe call them, hug them, or write them a note.

  3. Eat your next meal with purpose. The food you eat becomes your cellular energy, becoming your blood, forming your tissues that allow you to think and participate in the human experience. Eat you next meal with gratitude for the energy and nourishment you’re receiving!

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