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It's a mindset, not a mealplan.

December 28, 2017


The Christmas holiday has come and gone oh so quickly! I had the honor to host Christmas in my own home this year. While it was certainly a lot of work, it was also such a joy to return the favor for my family who has hosted so many holidays for me. I'll say it again and again, but cooking for loved ones is such an amazing privilege! My favorite way to show them how much I love them. 


With Christmas behind us, it would seem that dieting is the next season after indulgence. Have you been starting to hear that from the people around you too?


What if I told you that the next season could be so much more than cutting out breadsticks and chocolate cake? Because there is SO much more possible for you. 


As a coach, I'm thrilled to not simply be prescribing mealplans. Instead, we are collaboratively crafting powerful mindsets built on your unique vision for the future. Tell me where you dream to go, what you are building, and how you plan to influence positivity into your communities–That's where we start our real work. 


It's really about your mindset. It's how you feel about deeply caring for yourself and how you approach fueling your powerful future. I believe the nourishing meals come as side effects. That's why I'm different.


I'm different because you need different to make a difference.


I'm not about diets. They don't work alongside joy and fulfillment. They seem to suck out joy and put you in an awkward box when amongst friends. The whole time you are on a diet, you are fantasizing about when you get off it. 


So what would it take to be different and make this season about building your powerful mindset? 


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