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Success Starts Here. Part 1

January 24, 2018


Ha! I’m going to ask a question that I totally know that answer to— Have you ever had such an amazing idea but no clue where to start!? That’s right, I feel like we should all be raising our hands.  Getting started on a passion project feels so huge. I mean, it is huge, but it feels huge-er because of how emotionally involved we are with the outcome. 


Let’s explore that question, where do you start? Over the next few posts, I am going to give you a couple places that I think is most worthwhile to start and most importantly, get somewhere. 


Start with YOU - totally lame, I know, but if you would stop rolling your eyes for a second and actually consider the work you haven’t yet done to lay the foundation of your ever-important passion-project… ah, now do I have your attention?

YOU have to have a real relationship with you. Because YOU are about to be flooded with options, opinions, challenges, choices, actions, reactions and YOU have to turn to you for guidance. A grounded conversation has to take place. A conversation that is rooted in your purpose, a conversation that couldn’t give two ships about what others think. Simply what you need to succeed.

I can almost hear you pondering, how does one really begin to build a relationship with oneself? I don’t have that answer for you specifically. But consider this, in order to keep up with a friend, people set up specific times to check-in, have a coffee, facetime, go and visit. The same kind of thing can be done with ourselves. I’m not saying to FaceTime yourself (just look in the mirror and save yourself the data)


I mean, dedicate time to the relationship with you. For some, that is a drive in the car, journaling at night or in the morning, meditation or prayer practice, anything that is an intentional and dedicated time to ask yourself questions and listen in for your answers.

This practice is INTEGRAL for balance and wellbeing. The practice doesn’t stop at “what are my branding colors” it continues into “what do I need to eat” “when do I need to move my body” “what can I do to sleep more restoratively”. Your YOU/you relationship is going to get a serious workout.


Start lifting some 5-pounders by doing this exercise:

Each day for 1 work week, dedicate a short period of time for yourself. Start manageable, like 2 minutes… everyone can handle two minutes. Everyone has two minutes. So open up your planner (if you don’t have a planner, get a planner) and write down when you are going to take your two minutes. Feel free to try our different times/places! Monday in the car, Tuesday immediately when you wake up, Wednesday journal before bed, Thursday before you eat lunch etc. During your two minutes take some intentional breaths, thank yourself for something awesome you did, and ask yourself what you need today. Take note of what works for you. 



I am invested in your success because I know our community will be that much better when you bring your skills to work unapologetically. If you have been wondering how you can take your work to the next level, reach out and schedule a free 1:1 consult with me, and let's explore that together. 










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