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Success Starts Here. Part 2

February 6, 2018


I know it's been a while since my last post! The last month has been packed full of self-explorations: new ideas, exciting personal revolations. But for some reason I didn't feel I was ready to post about them. Something about not being "on-brand" enough. In retrospect, it's all very ironic because this post was planned out a while ago, it it revolves around getting over your blocks. 


Have you ever struggled with the "on-brand" thing? It wasn't until connecting with my beloved like-minded peeps that I was reminded that you don't have to know the all the details, but you do have to do something. And sometimes, sharing my journey can be just as powerful as sharing a tip, trick, advice, or whatever else I deemed "on-brand" enough. 


I would say most blocks are based on fear of some kind. In the last month, my mission has gotten even more specific. Which seems like a cause for celebration, but it really felt more like it totally changed - in the really scary way. I love analogies, so I'ma lay this one on you. 


It felt like finally being on top of the roller coaster you've wanted to ride since you can remember. FINALLY you find yourself tall enough... and suddenly you feel like screaming "no way! This cannot be what what I want!" It feels so different actually being seat-belted, locked and loaded than gazing longingly at the coaster's loops, dips, and dives. 


I decided that I wanted to create a real, authentic, powerful movement for work culture in the Twin Cities. And, just like that, the girl on the coaster wanted to poop her pants and get off immediately. 


Start somewhere - you won't have all the details, but you have enough to take the next step.


Don't let the fact the you don't have all the details in place stop you from being amazing and doing kick-butt work. 

In Part 1 of this series, we explored what it means to cultivate a relationship with yourself. Now that you have dug into that practice, you can confidently ask yourself personal questions like.. What DO you know about what you want? 


I invite you to use this exercise to overcoming a block you may be currently fighting:


Ask yourself what DO you know about what you want? Write down anything that comes to mind, everything, bit, small, weird, boring, impractical, small, huge, ANYTHING! Ok... now, how is this next step you are going to take ( you still might not know what that is ) going to make you feel? Write that down. Now, what steps can you take today and this week that will make you feel that way?


You will not know all the details, but you can always take a step. It should always feel a bit scary and uncomfortable, but remember action is better than inaction!




I am invested in your success because I know our community will be that much better when you bring your skills to work unapologetically. If you have been wondering how you can take your work to the next level, reach out and schedule a free 1:1 consult with me, and let's explore that together. 










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