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Increase Your Focus

March 22, 2018

Wellbeing + Balance brings about powerful focus. 

Which really shouldn't come as a surprise. It makes sense right? If our needs are met, there is a level of satisfaction that keeps distractions at bay. 


The question really becomes how do we manage to work toward our wellbeing and balance while also attending to the bazillion other things demanding our attention throughout the week. Kindofa catch-22.


That's why we are in this together. Because it's not easy, but it certainly gets easier when we remember that we are not alone and that maintaining balance is worth it.

Something that many people forget, is that personal wellbeing and professional influence can be grown side-by-side. You become more efficient, more focused, you waste less time, and you are more connected with what you want and need both personally and professionally. 


The biggest argument I hear against developing a personal wellness practice is a perceived lack of time. I'm saying, if you don't feel like you have time to find a nutritious meal during the week, you certainly don't have time for sickness, disease, emotional burnout, hanger (like, the hangry, hungry+anger=hanger) and the stress of broken relationships–which can all stem from raging stress and imbalance. Amiright?

So how can you begin to get back into balance and increase your focus? Start with one of these questions... that's right, just one:


1. Focus on what feeds you, is it what you need?

2. Focus on what surrounds you, is it what you need?

3. Focus on your focus. What occupies your mind most of the time? Is it joy or stress/worry?

When your needs are met in these areas, your mind has increased space for focus on other tasks and projects, and is faced with less distractions. 


Choose one ( I mean it... just one, you over-achiever), and journal on it. Ask yourself one of the above questions and let yourself answer it - no judgement. Let the answer flow. Ask yourself if there is one small area where you could tweak your plate/environment/thoughts, what would that be? What are you ready to commit to that will bring you closer to balance? Write it down, say it out loud and get'r'done! 


Not a pen and paper person? Not to worry! Try recording a voice memo. I love these, a lot. I especially love that I can record one safely in the car. I rarely feel the need to listen to them again. Simply the act of putting my thoughts into real words and hearing them come out of my mouth is transformative. 

Maybe that doesn't sound awesome either? Join a local crew of influencers as we discuss how we can build our influence alongside of our wellbeing in-person at our SuccessfWhole Conversations Series events, or in our Facebook group Twin Cities Thrive.


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