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What makes me an influencer?

June 20, 2018



So, it's your goal to be an influencer? Based on what we know about the achievement of goals, a goals must be specific, measurable, and achievable in order to be a contender for actual success. 


So if you want to be an influencer... what does that even mean?


In the realm of thick social-media presence, when someone utters the word "Influencer" you may immediately jump to the number of followers on Instagram or friends on Facebook. 

a passion-minded individual who is consistently crafting their environment 


While followers have a role in your influence, that's not exactly what defines an influencer. 


SuccessfWhole provides holistic wellness + lifestyle coaching to influencers like you. We've define an influencer as a passion-minded individual who is consistently crafting their environment to align with their expressed goals. 

Consider yourself an influencer if:


1) You are passionate about the message you are spreading.

Passion is the key to your success. You may be spreading your message to a corporation, your neighborhood, your small business staff or the entire country. Size doesn't matter as much as your dedication and passion and purpose. 


2) You have a consistent audience with a common characteristic. 

You aren't simply telling random strangers about your cause (unless, of course, that is your common characteristic). Your audience is definable, describable, searchable, and relatable. You know who they are and (hopefully) they know who you are.


3) You are actively creating ways to align your surroundings with your goals. 

You expend quite a bit of energy crafting your environment. Changes that will make you a better influencer and leader, as well as make your message more easily understood and relatable. Maybe you hire people with certain backgrounds and life experiences, or decide to increase the plants in your work environment to enrich your customers experience. Your creative energy is poured into the success of your message. 

It's their nature to pour all themselves into their influence and neglect their own needs. 


On or offline, you may be an influencer. As such, be aware! Influencers are passionate givers. It's their nature to pour all themselves into their influence and neglect their own needs. 


This is our message to all you bold & driven influencers out there. You are already powerful, think of how powerful you will become when you are strategically fueled + optimized. Discover what's possible when you infuse wellness into YOUR lifestyle during a free holistic wellness consultation


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