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Up Your Grain Game. Up Your Brain Game.

July 31, 2018


Up your grain game!

Whole, real grains. I’m sure you’ve heard the grain debate. To eat them, not to eat them, only eat certain KINDS of them.... woof.

✨The only diet I’ll ever advocate for, is the conscious, intentional diet that works for YOUR specific body at this time in your life.✨


It's time you stop listening to the advice of the bajillion people in the internet, and begin to be in tuned with your very own body!

How are grains working for you? Many people when experimenting with grains find they feel differently when eating refined grains ( ground up & germ removed i.e. breads, pastas, pastries) vs. whole grains ( brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, rye berries, barley)


Inarguably, a whole grain is more nutritious than a refined grain. It also is more healthful for your body to break down due to the fiberrrrrrr and the slow release of natural sugars. 


1. Keeps your brain from getting all foggy

2. Keeps your energy levels from crashing about 2 hours after lunch. 

I used to think that grains were grains. That a whole grain slice of toast was the same for my body as a bowl of oatmeal. Through my health coach training, I was encourage to only eat whole grains for 3 weeks and see how my body responded. Can you imagine how your body would respond? I definitely was surprised! Give whole grains a space in your plate this week and see how you feel!


BUT HOW!? I'm asked. 

Don't go crazy. Give overnight oats a try for breakfasts, toss whole grains in your salads for a hearty addition or opt to make a bowl instead of a sandwich for lunch, and try a summer vegetable stir fry for dinner! I find that I am much less frustrated when I use dishes I'm already familiar with preparing, rather than try to learn a whole new meal for the sake of a challenge. 

Do you find nutrition advice to suuuuper frustrating and contracting? I totally get it. There’s a better way to

approach your diet, let’s chat!








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