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3 Energizing Morning Drinks You Want to Know About

October 23, 2018



Being successful means developing a routine of small success-driven habits that over time contribute to our powerful careers. I'm sure you’ll agree, there is no shortage of literature devoted to the importance of a morning routine. 


Many of you have your morning routines established, many of those routines include a hot beverage of some kind. In today’s success culture, that stereotypically is a cup of black coffee, or latte if you’re feeling fancy. 


We both know you aren’t stereotypical. What if instead of settling for coffee, you could choose another morning beverage designed to give you a burst of energy- but certainly doesn’t stop there.


Each of these morning drinks can take the place of your cuppa joe and not only provide you with energy to tackle your next project, but also provide a little something special. 




Matcha is powdered green tea leaf that is consumed by mixing the powdered leaf with a small amount of hot water. Because you are consuming the entire leaf rather than steeping the leaves in water, you are accessing the natural energizing properties of the green tea leaf while also ingesting 10x the nutritional content and antioxidant properties of a single cup of green tea.


Matcha is know to relax the body and the mind while giving sharp focus and concentration. Monks in Japan have used matcha to aid in their meditation practice. Modern science has confirmed that matcha increases our brain's ability to produce alpha waves, a "relaxed alertness".


How to make traditional matcha tea.


Fatty Coffee


Not ready to trade out that cuppa joe? Try adding to it. That's right, adding high quality fat. 


Now, don't fear the fat. Fat has gotta a pretty bad reputation over the last couple of decades, but high quality fats are rare in our modern diets. Ingesting good fats, especially right away in the morning, in like running on brain fuel. 


This practice can balance blood sugar, lessen hormonal fluctuations, and produce an alert & satiated feeling. Boost that further by drinking purified water straight away, following that up with a cup of fatty coffee. 


What fats are best? Coconut oil, full-fat coconut milk, grass-fed organic butter, or grass-fed ghee are all great options. Grass-fed is not an option. The chemical make-up of fats in conventionally raised butter vs. grass-fed butter is significant. Conventionally raised butter will not have the same effect.


Try this simply Fatty Coffee recipe made with coconut butter




Maca is another adaptogen. An adaptogen is a general term for an herb that has the capability to enhance the body's ability to resist a stressor. Maca is one of the most powerful. 


Maca has been harvested and used to fight fatigue, increase endurance, and enhance energy for centuries. Additionally, it contains 55 phytochemicals, is mineral dense and nutritious.


You might drink maca as a tea or whip up a cup of hot maca chocolate!




Plants are power. Take a leap and do mornings differently, you may be surprised at their effect on your entire day!













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