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Is success holding you back?

October 26, 2017


Real talk.


I have become painfully aware of something this week. I think I am afraid of my own success.


It sounds so weird coming out of my mouth, and even weirder to read on the screen.


How could I be afraid of what I am working toward? Especially if I believe in this work 100%, which I absolutely do. I have been reflecting on this thought for about a week or so now, in my meditations, in my prayers.


I’ve identified a few reasons for what I am feeling, and allowed my inner intuition (Andra) to respond to them. I wanted to share them with you today in case you have felt similar fears but have been unable to put them into words. We can connect in spirit and lift each other up. woot woot!


We can’t move forward if we are unsure which direction forward might be.


Feeling #1: I have fear of what my new routine might be if I am successful. More specifically, I have been experiencing a lack of routine which keeps me feeling productive. I fear I might always feel this way if I am successful.


Andra’s response: We know that any change requires a new routine. We acknowledge that sometimes we miss our old routine even when the new routine serves us so much more.  We should intend to keep our minds open as we experiences changes in routine: Everything is a new possibility and is exciting – not scary!


If you find yourself without enough structure, return to your intentions for the day. Set out to accomplish only a few things a day, no more than three. Schedule time to do each of them, making sure that the goals you have are achievable. If your goal is to lose 10 pound and feel more refreshed, you goal for the day shouldn’t be work toward losing 10 pounds and feeling refreshed. That’s not attainable. What is attainable is scheduling time to go for a 20 minute walk to crunch some leaves. That feeds into your overall goal and is attainable for the day. Ya feel me?


Feeling #2 : I believe in my work, I mean really, really believe in it. Because of my passion, I feel like I can’t get to my goals fast enough. The passing time feels like failure.


Andra’s Response: You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Discovery is in the journey, not found at the destination. Lead with your passion, allow your intuition to guide your decisions and be present and authentic. Your work allows you do fulfill your purpose. Time spent dedicated to making this world a better place is not wasted. You are not a failure.


Feeling #3 : I am intimidated by other’s expectations. Now that they know what my intentions are, if I am successful they must expect me to be a certain way all the time. I am a working toward living a healthy life. What if they expect me never to eat another brownie again or have a cocktail?


Andra’s Response: What if. What if. What if.  This is head trash, dismiss it. You are a human, living a beautiful life as a human. You are making choices that make sense to you and for you alone. Other’s expectations are not grounded in truth; we often make them up in our heads. We are not made up of the voices in our heads. Know how I know? Who are those voices talking to?  Tune out those voices by turning up your intention, your purpose, and your desires. It takes practice, but your intuition (your inner Andra) is always right.


Feeling #4 : What am I missing out on? I’m afraid that I am going to miss out of things if I am successful.


Andra’s Response : It is only natural for us to think about what we will miss out on when choosing a path. I remind myself that it's ok to “fit out” as opposed to fit in. Where does fitting in get you? In with the rest of the world… and where are they? Most are unhappy, stressed out and sick. I want a different outcome for my life, don’t you?


Instead of focusing on what you aren’t experiencing, have you noticed what you ARE experiencing? Maybe you are working weekends, but you are making some incredible connections. Maybe you aren’t having that slice of cake but your gut has never felt more clear. Maybe you are drinking tea at the coffee shop, but for the first time you have the natural creative energy you’ve been dreaming of.



We have so much already within us. Success is worth the work, and discovery is in the journey. Let’s celebrate our that when fearful feelings coming racing toward us. Most of the time, it’s not real fear anyway. It’s actually the feeling that you are on the right track. That what you are doing has big implications and can make major changes in your life.


Let’s feel the fear. Let’s do it anyway. - Andra



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