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Self-Care: You, First.

August 10, 2017

Hey there!


It's another beautiful (rainy) day here in Minneapolis. Maybe it's just me, but I have become so thankful for rainy days. I move slower yet more deliberately. My thoughts tend to be longer, more thoughtful and I think they are more creative and useful! I think I get many more things done on a rainy day. 


This week I have been thinking a lot about self-care. As I continue to work during the day, build this blog, and launch my wellness coaching practice by night and evening, I am reminded that my resources are incredibly valuable! My time, my energy, my positivity, my creative zest... they are all precious and routine self-care keeps them in tip-top shape, even when life gets a little... let's say "real". 




But what does self-care actually mean? More importantly, how can taking time to do ANOTHER thing actually benefit me? Real. good. questions.


A tangent with a point I hope you all can relate to: I have fallen in love with yoga. I want to set straight all of you who think that yoga is a lame excuse for a work out... you clearly have not done real yoga. I mean, I haven't been close to being able to do the positions as they were actually intended and I am shaking like a polaroid picture over here. (maybe I'm just that bad?  lol )  


Anywho, less emphasis on the physical nature of yoga, I find yoga so impactful because yoga turns our attention from the outward to the inward. A dedicated time to listen, accept, love, move, feed and breathe with the body.




Such a seemingly simple concept. I love to go to yoga.


But #RealTalk, I struggle to ACTUALLY GO to yoga.  I have found the best way to commit to going is to do the following:  A) pay for each class ahead of time - or I will find something else to do during that class. B) Tell my friends I am going to yoga on that day and time. Sometimes they will come with me, other times it is simply to reinforce that I am GOING. actually going. and C) I have to remind myself of the larger picture. That my body needs space and time to reflect. Needs time to heal. My mind needs space to reenergize. Mostly I need to remind myself that no matter what I am feeling now, I will feel 100000787896% gratitude toward myself for going. And I always do. Andra wins again.  


I recognize that I must make time for the things I value as a priority.





After completing any kind of self-care I find myself in a more open mindset. My thoughts come with more clarity and I'm less prone to distractions when sitting down to complete a task. 


“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
-Eleanor Brownn

In general, I feel more purposeful and have an increased sense of directions. Now what kind of amazing work can you do with that?




Self-care looks different to everyone. For some, it's that weekly massage or an acupuncture session. Others, it's all a part of their morning stretching routine, or their spiritual practice. Self-care can be physical. Physically scrubbing your skin with a warm cloth in the morning to wake up the body and be thankful for what it's doing for you each day. Another odd, yet powerful self-care practice is tongue scraping. A utensil used to further cleanse the mouth and give your taste buds a fresh start (users swear by its ability to enhance the flavors of food!) You can find them here.


Other forms of self care are:

  • Taking a nap

  • Making a beautiful meal

  • Exercising

  • Taking a walk

  • Reading

  • Journaling

  • Learning something new

  • Saying "no" (whaaaaaaat?)


That can be the real struggle with self-care. We know it's good. We've felt how good it is. We agree, everyone should do it. 


But we're not doing it.


How can we come together and change that? What one thing can we commit to do today to care for ourselves?


When we are our best, we serve our best, we work our best and we build our best. 


Remember: You are worth it. You are deserving. You are worthwhile. You are important. 


What are you committing to do this week to put yourself and your wellbeing first? Share with our community!



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