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What the Institute for Integrative Nutrition taught me.

November 22, 2017




Last week, I passed my final test completing the year-long holistic health coaching certification program through the Institute for Integrate Nutrition (IIN).


I can say without a doubt that it was an incredible year. It was filled with information on over 100 different dietary theories, guidance through my own health journey, training on accountability and how to be held accountable, numerous coaching techniques, and supportive practice of coaching skills. I was exposed the various views on the current global health crisis and how my work can be a part of the solution. 




I was empowered to try so many new things. The way I experience life currently, may not be the best life possible-and I wont ever know unless I try something new!


The most impactful experiment I completed was a 21-day elimination diet. An elimination diet focuses on abstaining from foods that commonly cause irritation and inflammation in the body, sometimes unbeknownst to the individual. Eliminated foods included gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and processed foods. ( it was suggested to also eliminate coffee and alcohol... But at that time, there was NO WAY that would be sustainable for 3 weeks!)


The results were A-ma-zing. What I thought was "feeling healthy" was completely overrun be feelings of incredible lightness, energy, regularity ;) and NO BLOATING! I didn't even know I was bloated until I experienced not being bloated. Bonus: I shed an unintentional 10lbs that hasn't "crept back on" since. 


The moral of that story, is that the holistic health coaching program changed my mindset. It opened my mind to a new way of thinking about health, wellness, and where I fit in. My body, my experiment. 


Overall, these have been my main takeaways from my training:


My body is amazing. 

My body does so much for me. So. Freaking. Much. It desperately tries to make sense of whatever I feed it. I keeps me going no matter how much sleep I deprive myself of. My body is always rooting for me. All of our bodies want us to succeed and lead painless, long, strong, healthful lives. All we have to do is give it a chance. Our bodies don't keep us from anything! Our mindset does.


My food, might not look like your food. 

But not because it's any better or worse. The founder of IIN, Joshua, repeats this phrase like a broken record. 

"One person's food is another person's poison."

What is healthy for me, could make you deprived and sick. Listening to someone's opinion on what you should do for your body VS developing an ear for what your body has to say. Know your body. Your food might not look like my food. And that is ok. 


Your lifestyle comes before your plate.

This concept of Primary Food is the idea that the quality of our career, relationships, movement, and spirituality are pinnacle to your health. You can eat all the kale in the world, but the extra weight you carry won't be released until you remove yourself from toxic work relationships and reconnect with your greater purpose. 


Focus on Abundance

IIN teaches a broad concept called crowding out. It works just as well for dietary changes as it does for lifestyle changes. Add in more of the good stuff, instead of taking away the bad stuff. Focus on what is feeding you, not eating at you. That means if you want to be successful, focus on your previous successes, and set your intentions to be successful in many little ways. If you want to eat more clean, focus on all of the new types of clean fruits and vegetables you will be experiencing, instead of the processed junk you won't be hungry for. 


Listen inwardly. You already know what you have to do. 

I am already abundant. I already know what I need to succeed. I simply need to take action, and do it. 




I would recommend the program to anyone interested in launching themselves into a meaningful career or simply wants a deep and dedicated year to focus on their own health and limitless potential. If you want to know more or have a specific question, I would be thrilled to chat with you. Shoot me an email (New Email Address!) hello@alexstalberger.com or fill out my contact form.


OR simply claim your free sample class! (this is a proud affiliate link)




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